About Us

Diversity Skills Training is a Registered Training Organisation, which opened in January 2011.

Our Vision

To cater for the training needs of our diverse community by providing specialised support in Language Literacy and Numeracy along with multi lingual trainers and tutors.

Our Mission

To assist the multilingual and diverse community in South Western Sydney into employment and careers by providing skilled training and mentoring that specifically meets their needs.

Our Values

We value the diversity of the Australian community and are committed to:

  • Access, equity and respect
  • Quality teaching and management
  • An interactive and vibrant learning environment
  • Accountability in practice
  • Enhancing the skills of our recent migrants
  • Partnerships with the community
  • A safe working and studying environment
  • Continual professional development of our staff

Our Team
The team at Diversity Skills Training includes:

  • Sam Beylouni – our experienced Business Development Manager who graduated from one of the toughest hospitality institutions. Having worked successfully in his own businesses, and with many years training in business and hospitality. Sam brings a clear message on the importance of good organisation, careful planning and excellent customer service to his training techniques. Sam is also fluent in Arabic and French.
  • Silma Ihram – Managing Director of Diversity Skills Training, is a long time educator in the private education system, brings her entrepreneurial and technological skills to Diversity Skills in ensuring that students have exactly the right methods, training and resources to ensure fast, effective and fun learning.
  • Mihaela El Azzi (Michelle) - Early childhood trainer with 20 years experience in teaching in primary school, pre-school, long day care, before and after school car, family day care and vocational training. Areas of expertise are adult teaching, family day care and pre-school readiness.
  • Gulser Kaso – highly qualified TESOL and English teacher has all the expertise to ensure trainees and students pick up their language, literacy and numeracy skills in no time. Gulser is also fluent in Turkish.
  • Atifa Sakhidad – our talented secretary assists with translations for Afghani and Farsi.
  • Ayda Succarie – experienced and highly qualified administrative trainer , runs our MYOB courses. Ayda is fluent in Arabic.
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