Employment and Training Pathways

An Employment Pathway Plan outlines the steps you need to take in order to secure employment, or improve your chances of gaining employment in the future, as well as what assistance will be offered to you. It is a legal document, which becomes valid from the date you sign it and overrides any other previous agreements you may have signed (eg. Activity Agreements).

Students needing a prescribed Employment Pathway Plan will be referred to Centrelink. (For more, visit: www.centrelink.gov.au/internet/internet.nsf/payments/newstart_prep_work.htm)

This plan will be decided upon by you, together with your Centrelink customer service consultant or with your Employment Services Provider once your payment has been approved, or at other times as required.

Your Employment Pathway Plan is structured to fit your personal circumstances. By completing each step within your plan, you give yourself the greatest chance of finding employment, a steady, reliable income and financial independence.

Individual factors that will be considered during your consultation include:

-Personal background – education, skills, experience and age

-Economy – conditions in the local labour market

-Resources – the availability of training facilities

Diversity Skills Training can direct you to sites specialised in recruitment and employment these sites can include:


-Job Search - Australia's No.1 Free online job site




-My Career


-Jobs at Australia Post

-My Career - Victorian Jobs

-Job Services Australia

Choosing a training pathway

A training pathway can be defined as various ways in which a person can gain entry into further education.

Under User Choice, these pathways may include:

- Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)

- access to a qualification through a combination of structured training and recognition of current competencies achieved in past studies

- co-ordinated training and assessment at the educational institution and in the work environment

Employers, Australian Apprentices and Registered Training Organisations decide on the most appropriate pathway for an apprentice and this is set out in the Training Plan.

The type of Training Plan will depend on different elements, including:

-the type of skills being developed

-the benefits of personal study compared to group learning

-the skills already possessed by an Australian apprentice

-the location of an institution and the practicality of travel there

-the number of other Australian Apprenctices completing similar training

For more information go to: www.jobguide.deewr.gov.au

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